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Jesmonite Mini Pots DIY Kit


Learn how to mix and cast Jesmonite mini pots. Jesmonite is super versatile, we’ve played around with different techniques and picked three of our favourites for this toolkit.

In the online workshop we’ll walk you through each stage of the process. You’ll get to grips with marbling, bronzing and the 50/50 split pour. Attend at any time & create at your own pace – right from your own home!

We use Jesmonite AC100 which is an environmentally friendly, non toxic resin, which takes Approx 25 minutes to set

This kit includes:

  • Jesmonite liquid

  • Jesmonite powder

  • Octagonal mould

  • Black pigment

  • Bronze powder

  • Paper cup

  • Stirring stick

  • Eco green biodegradable gloves

  • Online workshop code

The moulds are reusable, so you can save them for another mini pot project once you’ve aced it at this one!
Our bottles are made from sugarcane and our bags are biodegradable.

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