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Native Wildflower Bee Bombs


Beebombs are handmade wildflower seedballs.

Made  from sheltering clay and sifted top soil, packed with 1000s of seeds from native wildflower species.


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Wildflower Beebombs need no gardening skill, no tilling or sowing in the traditional sense. The seeds are combined with nurturing sifted soil and sheltering local clay to protect them from predators.

Just throw your Beebombs onto cleared soil and await the blossom of colour and the return of native bee and butterfly species.

Beebombs can be scattered at anytime of year but Autumn and Spring are optimum.

1000s of seeds from 18 native wildflower species, mixed with local, protective clay and sifted, nurturing top soil. 1 pack provides coverage for roughly 21 sq ft / 2m².

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