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Dog Sanctuary – Calming Candle


This beautiful handmade, hand poured candle offers a natural alternative for your Four legged family member who suffers anxiety or may be fearful.
Anxiety in dogs can be triggered for a number of reasons; noise, storms, visitors, loneliness etc…

Burn Time: 50hrs

Size: 100ml

Hand Poured In Ampthill


Availability: 25 in stock

The ‘Dogs Sanctuary’ candle is an all natural candle; it has been made with a soy wax blend and a variety of essential oils, which have been specifically chosen to help reduce your dogs anxiety. It can help to keep your dog relaxed and less likely to develop a panic attack.

With top notes of citrus to also help neutralise odours, it makes this a great candle for the home and keeps your four legged family member happy too.

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